The Song of Amergin

I am the wind on the sea,
I am the wave of the sea,
I am the sound of the sea,
I am a stag of seven tines,
I am the hawk on the cliff,
I am a tear of the sun,
I am fair among flowers,
I am a boar,
I am a salmon in a pool,
I am a lake on a plain,
I am a hill of poetry,
I am a battle wagging spear,
I am a god who forms fire for a head.

Who makes clear the ruggedness of the mountains?
Who but myself knows where the sun shall set?
Who foretells the ages of the moon?
Who brings the cattle from the House of Thedra and segregates them?
On whom do the cattle of Thedra smile?
Who shapes weapons from hill to hill?

Invoke, People of the Sea, invoke the poet, that he may compose a spell for you.
For I, the Druid, who set out letters in Ogham, 
I, who part combatants,
I will aproach the rath of the Sídhe to seek a cunning poet that together we may concoct incantations.
I am a wind of the sea.

Fonte: VARANDAS, Angélica, Mitos e Lendas - Celtas Irlanda, Livros e Livros (2006)

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